About Mukom

Mukom in Acha

Mukom in Acha

Born and raised in Acha Tugi, a village in Cameroon. I love ELEGANCE  — in nature, in the work of man’s heart and hands, in people and things. I am a student of the path of light and “shibumi”. My key intellectual pursuits are:

  • Self Mastery in all dimensions – physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual
  • IP Engineering (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • Systems Thinking & Theory of Constraints

I have trained over 300 engineers in IPv6 in more than 10 countries and more than 500 executives in Project Management, Six Sigma and Systems Theory

My ‘EKIGAI’ (the reason I wake up everyday) is “To master a bit more of myself every day, so I might give it to the service of humanity, as an instrument of peace to the glory of God“.  Checkout my other blogs in the ‘Blogroll’

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