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  1. i wanna install ntop in my ubuntu..
    but if i used apt-get install ubuntu.,i still can’t install this tool..
    what should i do..
    or i must install it with other script??
    help me please..

  2. I have set up Ntop on a UNIX server and it is up.

    I have a couple configuration questions that is not answered in your users guide which very goodby the way.

    1) I setup aa admin password but it will not allow me to log in under IE. Why? I can do it with another type f web page?

    2) How do I get the hosts to stay in the table? What command do I use, the “sticky” commenad?

    3) How do I update the protocol list so I don’t have so much under the “other” category?


  3. I have just set up ntop but would like to determine if I can load a previously saved pcap file, that I have been analysing with Wireshark into NTOP?

  4. Hi, Just wondering if this error already resolved, **ERROR** RRD: Disabled – unable to create directory (err 13, /var/ntop/rrd/graphics? cause I can’t find a link/s that can help me to resolve this.

  5. Hi,

    I installed ntop(version 3.3.9-5) on a Fedora 11 server with yum. ntop reported “Error opening file ./GeoLiteCity.dat” and “Error opening file GeoIPASNum.dat” when I ran “/usr/sbin/ntop” immediately after the installation. I could see the traffic information with a browser even if there were two errors.

    When I killed the ntop thread and restarted it as a service (“#service ntop start”), it reported the same errors but the ntop process never started again.

    I though it could be permission issue. So I changed the user right for these two files (under /etc/ntop/) rw-rw-rw but couldn’t fix the problem.

    According to your instruction, ntop should be started with root privileges. Could you show me how to start ntop when the server is rebooted?

    Many thanks!


  6. > “Error opening file ./GeoLiteCity.dat

    i saw the following:
    Error Opening file ./GeoLiteCity.dat
    Wed Apr 14 09:21:51 2010 GeoIP: loaded config file /etc/ntop/GeoLiteCity.dat
    Error Opening file ./GeoIPASNum.dat
    Wed Apr 14 09:21:51 2010 GeoIP: loaded ASN config file /etc/ntop/GeoIPASNum.dat

    –> ntop TRY to load the ./GeoLiteCity.dat, shows an error and continue loading the /etc/ntop/GeoLiteCity.dat

    Looks like …

  7. Hi all,
    I’m trying to compile Ntop source under windows platform, but, even if I’m following some manual found on internet, I’m not able to compile it correctly, because of external library issues and also because some incompatibility between Visual C++ express native libraries and Ntop (I suppose).

    From your knowledge, which is the best enviroment to compile Ntop? (Mingw or Visual C++)
    And do you know if a guide exists to do this stuff?
    Any help will be very appreciate!
    Thanks and regards!

  8. As per your Ntop user guide I have connected a hub as per your diagram. What ip address should the ntop server have…ie the local netwrk or the ip similar to the router’s wan ip

    • The interface that connects to the hub for feeding in traffic to ntop really doesn’t need an IP address. It should be in promiscuous mode.

      You should have a second interface which an IP address that is appropriate for your local subnet. That should be the address you use to access ntop interface.

      • having hard time with this, i have 2 nics one is to to access ubuntu box and the second is for promiscuous mode but I cannot activate eth1 interface for ntop, when i run ifup eth1 it says unknown interface but i can see the network card listed in hw list.

  9. I have installed ntop on Ubuntu 10.04 on a HP dv2845se laptop using sudo apt-get install ntop -y. ntop runs. I can access the web interface however it monitors eth0. My interface is eth1. I have entered sudo ntop -i eth1. the command reports no errors however ntop still monitors eth0. How can I configure ntop to monitor an interface other eth0?

  10. Is anybody even paying attention to this anymore? I had used this software years ago and it worked perfectly. But now… I’ve been BANGING on it for THREE DAYS and all it does is core dump… the older 3.3.10-7 is the only version available in the FreeBSD ports tree but that thing only runs ONCE… and NEVER again. WTF??

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