Making GNS3 Routers Open in Tabs in Ubuntu

If you use GNS3 network emulator with a significant number or routers, each usually opens up in its own terminal window which just makes your workspace a mess.

While I know I can install konsole-for-KDE4 in Ubuntu to sort out the clutter, I don´t like to have to download more than 30MB extra software [KDE base libraries and other dependencies] so I opt to create this scrip which I can easily edit.

Just download the script, make it executable and after running the your lab from GNS3, rather than use the toolbar button to log into to all consoles, instead press ALT+F2 and type in the path to the script [do remember to make it executable] and voila!!!

On Vista, I use Teraterm for my console and so the above problem does not exist. If you use the default Vista command prompt you will run into the same problem. I read a nice GNS3 tutorial that suggested a free Windows utililty called Wintabber to tame those multiple windows.

If your Linux distribution uses KDE, install konsole-for-KDE4 and use it as your terminal program in GNS3 to get the same results.

I am working on some scripts to automate the process for Ubuntu and gnome-terminal — I don’t want to install all the KDE base packages just to get konsole-for-KDE … will post the scripts [bash] when I am done.

3 thoughts on “Making GNS3 Routers Open in Tabs in Ubuntu

    • Will upload some scripts by end of this week. I have one script that works for Internetworkexpert topology and another one that works for any topology.

    • سلاممن وقتی میخوام یک روتر را روی صفحه بذارم پیغام hypervisor is alerady running on port 7200 را میده .مشکل را با external hypervisor حل کردم. چه طوری مثله قبل یعنی حالت default باهاش کار کنم.یعنی با hypervisor manager .ممنون.

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